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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grapefruit galore at our Texas place

 We arrived at our RV lot in Mission, Texas on Monday afternoon. We spent the late afternoon getting the motorhome set up on the campsite, enjoying the squawking of the flock of green parrots as they arrived for their evening roosting in the pecan and palm trees, and then went out to dinner with our Oklahoma friends, Garry and Barb. Temperature was in the 80's. Tuesday evening, a cold front started to arrive from the northwest which means high winds. Our palm trees were bending in the wind. When we went to bed we realized our neighbor's grapefruit tree was rubbing on our bedroom slide so we brought the slide in for the night. This morning, Doug was out there trimming Vern and Barb's tree so we could put the slide back out. That tall pole-like thing in these photos is a palm tree - You just can't see the top.

 It is always a 64 dollar question as to what kind of crop of citrus we will have. The first year, we had lots of grapefruit, last year we had a small crop, and this year we have a massive amount of grapefruit! Our friends, Ruth and Gavino from San Antonio will be glad to know that when they visit us again this winter, they will be able to take home a trunk-full of Ruby Red grapefruit!

Funny thing is... In San Antonio, I was buying some super large Christmas ornaments to add to our outdoor Christmas directions that we hang on the grapefruit tree. I could just paint some of the grapefruit red and gold and I wouldn't have to buy ornaments! Ha, Ha!

Well we always spend the first couple of days getting things in order from on storage casita. This year we have a little more to do since we added some additional concrete at the end of last year and we planned on planting some new flower beds. Now if Doug and I can just agree on what we are going to plant and where, we can move forward! ;-) As I post this, Doug is out searching for our irrigation sprinklers - over the summer the St. Augustine grass spreads like wildfire and totally covers them so they cannot lift above the grass level. We also have lots of the dreaded sandburrs which seem to have spread even further than what we killed last year so we need to decide what to do about them. They have such a pretty little yellow flower but that beauty turns into a sputnick-like burr that can cause a paw infection in our Homer's paw. ;-( I'll get you a photo of the sand burrs shortly.

Take care until next time.

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