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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finished in Red Bay! Yahoo! On our way south where it is warm!

We left Red Bay yesterday. Here are some photos of work done in Red Bay (although not all of it - I don't always remember to take photos while the work is in progress).

First photo is a new matching drawer front below the dash computer that Chris Berry made for us to match the one he made a year ago. We removed the CPU last year and added a drawer in its place. Now our monitor shows the rear and side cameras all the time while we are under way.
Chris also made a new cabinet for on the end of kitchen counter. I just love working with Chris because he finds out what you want and makes it to your specs. In my case, I wanted a drawer to hold all kinds of odds and ends and a breadbox to replace the one I had sitting on the counter. So in the photo above, the top door is a door that opens to a breadbox and bottom is a drawer that pulls out for all our medicines, snacks and other junk!
The other thing that Chris did for us was the most simple thing, but probably made both of us the happiest. He made a hanger for our digital photo frame so we don't have to worry about it falling or us forgetting to put it away before we start driving. We love it!

Above is Brandon, one of our techs at the Tiffin Service Center. I was too slow to get a photo of them removing the driver side window but this is a photo with the window removed. Below is a photo with the new window in place. We had to have two windows replace due to the thermal pane failure. This is an industry-wide problem as the company which made the thermal pane windows for most of the RV manufacturers apparently had a production problem which has caused failures at a much higher rate.
Our last night in Red Bay, a group of us who have corresponded on the Tiffin RV net, went out to eat together. From the left forefront the names are: Greg (in blue shirt), Mandy, Bev, Jag, Doug (my husband is standing in the striped shirt), Al, Pat, Nada (I am standing), Lori, and Chuck. We were a diverse group and it was fun getting together in person.

These two photos show a little of the fall colors in northern Alabama as we were leaving Red Bay. We experienced fall in PA and then headed south and enjoyed it going down through VA. We then went back into summer in Atlanta and now we are in fall in Alabama! Love this traveling!

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