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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rainbow at Pinch Pond

We arrived back at the campground to find a full rainbow (although it wouldn't show up on the photos) and even a partial second rainbow.

The one end of the rainbow was over the campground office and the other end was behind our motorhome. Pictures just don't do it justice...

Celebrating Oma's 89th birthday

Fun celebrating Oma's 89th birthday! It was another beautiful day so we had a picnic at out motorhome. Oma had her whole clan around her to celebrate. The Phillygabers came up for the afternoon, Vicky and Trev came, and Doug and I.
 I am not sure who had the most fun with the bubbles.... was it Capri and Jesse or was it Trevor?

Oma at the Jigger Shop & 4th of July at Vicky and Trev's

We stopped at the Jigger Shop in Mt. Gretna for sandwiches. It was such a lovely evening to sit on the deck and eat. Doug and his mom are pictured below. Doug loves their homemade birch beer (it is similar in taste to root beer but, in my opinion, even sweeter.

Below you see Trev on his new jungle gym. He has grown so his jungle gym had to grow, too. ;-)

 On the 4th of July, Trev had fun with sparklers after the tanks had their tank warfare. Vicky got some huge "Volcanoes" which really made a lot of show and noise! He really like the poppers - they look like a wad of tissue paper. When you throw them down (which is what he is doing below) they make a popping noise.

Josh and Trev in cowboy hat

 Josh had a favorite western hat for summer wear when he returned from New Mexico in 2003. Every good cowboy knows you wear a straw hat for summer and casual wear and a wool felt hat for dress. So he pretty much lived in this hat for several years. ;-)
 Trev found the hat in their storage stuff and put it on. It is a little big for him. Vicky said he wore it to the grocery store and reluctantly gave it up at bed time. I guess we have another cute cowboy in the family!