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Monday, March 19, 2012

2012.03.19 San Antonio - Day 1 with Denise

Today we got together with our friend Denise. She usually spends the winter in New Braunfels and has a motorhome the same as ours. We toured the mission trail here in San Antonio. The trail goes along the San Antonio River. The most northern mission is the Alamo in downtown San Antonio. Then going south you come to Mission Concepcion, then Mission San Jose, then Mission Espada, and finally Mission San Juan.

We started at Mission San Jose because it is where the National Parks has a visitor's center.

San Jose is suppose to be the most restored mission in the US.

There are beautiful Yucca plants in full bloom within the walls of San Jose. I just love these plants but the leaves are sharp, pointy, and stiff - Not a very people-friendly plant!

They are in the process of restoring Mission San Jose - It looked so different inside from when we were last here two years ago. They have painted and have restored the altar.

Below are some of the wall rooms where the people lived.

Above is a small section of the fresco exterior wall showing the color and design of how the church once looked. Below is a view of the front facade of the church. It is undergoing repair and restoration.

Above is a Prickly Pear Cactus growing at the mission. Made me hungry for my favorite breakfast down in the Rio Grande Valley - an egg and nopales tortilla. Nopales are the chopped Pickly Pear Cactus (minus the thorns, of course!) which are scrambled with eggs and rolled in a fresh tortilla.

Next we stopped at Mission Estrada. It had just closed but we stumbled upon a photo shoot by Express Jeans.

If you double click on the above photo, you will see the model in the light colored shirt and burgundy slacks. She was so painfully thin that I felt I wanted to give her some of my extra padding! ;-) We decided that Express Jeans must be a lucrative business because this photo shoot had about 30 support people, two motorhomes, and a food concession truck.

Because of the photo shoot, we were able to see the outside of the mission but not the inside.

Next we headed to Mission San Juan, but it is undergoing extensive restoration to the exterior so we couldn't get anywhere near it. That ended the mission trail so we doubled back to the first mission south of the Alamo - Mission Concepcion. It also was closed but we could at least walk outside it.

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