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Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012.03.18 - Heading north

We pulled up stakes this morning and are heading north. It was hard to leave our friends but they will all be leaving soon, too, for the summer. We'll see them again in November. Here are a few photos of the hundred mile checkpoint by the border patrol.

We have never run into this many vehicles going through the checkpoint before in our 4 years of spending the winter in the Rio Grande Valley. I guess because we have never stayed this late in the Valley and also because it is spring break for the Texas schools so there might be many folks traveling. There were five lanes of traffic where usually we have only seen one lane with one or two cars ahead of us.

It took us 10 minutes to inch our way through the scanners and to be sniffed by the dogs. The border agent asked us, "Are you US citizens?" and "Only the two of you?" Doug answered, "yes, and our dog." At which time, Homer let out with two "woof, woofs" to verify what Doug said. On we went......

There were two dogs working our three lanes. A small German Shepherd and Belgium Malinois. If you enlarge the photo above by double clicking on it, you can see the small German Shepherd sniffing the tractor trailer on our right.

I love the Yucca blossoms. They are all over and in bloom. I plan on planting one of them at our RV lot in Mission next year.

We stopped at a rest area to eat our lunch. I looked out and every plant I could see had thorns on it! This plant, above, was just starting to bloom and reminded me of forsythia in Pennsylvania but the stems on it looked like the crown of thorns. Try enlarging the photo and check out the thorns.

Above was our view while eating lunch. It sure is flat, but we are now seeing more bushes and small trees. These photos were taken just south of George West, Texas on US 281.

We'll stop for a week in San Antonio and see our friends Ruth and Gavino, Denise at Hill Country in New Braunfels, and Bill and Sharon who just sold their RV after many years on the road and have settled down in New Braunfels.

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