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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Texas Clay and the Grist Mill in Gruene, TX

On Saturday, we went to Gruene (it is pronounced "green") to have lunch at the Grist Mill (another favorite restaurant) and to attend the annual Texas Clay festival. The photos below are in the "waiting area" for the restaurant. They write your name on the black board when your table is ready. The restaurant is in an old Grist Mill under the landmark water tower. It sits on the Guadalupe River.

The clay festival was quite interesting. It brought back memories of my "artsy" days and nightmares of the the 300 clay pot requirement for my first pottery course at Penn State! I had knee surgery so I had a cast on my leg from my hip to my ankle for 8 out of the 10 weeks so I spent the last two weeks of the term at the art building throwing the minimum of 300 pots in order to get a passing grade in the course. I actually got an "A" in the course so the prof either took pity on me or he actually liked what I made. ;-) God has a special way of working in all things.... It is a longer and more complicated story that I won't go into here, but..... If the prof had not had that massive requirement, I would never have met my future husband and the 38+ years of wonderful marriage would not have happened.

The booths and tents of the artists were scattered throughout the park area of Gruene and they also had demonstration tents and sessions going on continually throughout the day. We saw so many things we liked but being in a motorhome has its limitations as to how much "stuff" you can have with you! ;-)

I took photos of some of the silent auction items to show Tim how they were doing the silent auction. It is something we are considering doing at CHAP next year as a fund raiser.

I did love this large creche. They had used lots of gold and shimmer glaze on it in places. I could not have fired these in my own kiln since I discovered back in my art teaching days that these compounds were ones which gave me allergic reactions. That was one reason we were installing my ceramic kiln in our pole barn at our home before we sold it.

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