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Sunday, October 16, 2011

10.16.2011 Osprey and carved trees in Galveston

On our way into Galveston today, we saw a Osprey land on a telephone pole with a fish he had just caught in his talons.

Isn't he a beautiful bird!
This being our last day in Galveston, we wanted to drive the tree sculpture tour before we left tomorrow. In September 2008, Hurricane Ike covered most of Galveston Island in a tidal surge. More than half of the trees were killed by a combination of the powerful winds and waves uprooted many of the trees. A group of homeowners saw a opportunity to change the destroyed trees into sculptures. More sculptures are still being created. Here are a sampling of the East End Historical District Sculptures....

Click on the above photo to see the 17 birds carved in the branches.

A small dolphin sculpture above and a pod of dolphins down the street.

Many of the homes in this historical area are so beautiful. We especially like the home below. The owners said they chose Crested Herons to mimic their tall narrow house.

This homeowner must love guitar music.

The Tin Man and Toto stand in the front yard of a house where one of the directors of the "The Wizard of Oz" was born in the front downstairs bedroom of this property.

The pelicans sitting on the pilings are in the parking lot of the Mosquito Cafe - We didn't want to eat there just because of the name!

The Geisha and sister angels sit in the same front yard. The Geisha represents the owners love of Japan and their many trips to the country. She looks west - the direction you must travel to get to Japan. The Angels represent the homeowners two granddaughters.
Tomorrow we are off to San Antonio where we will stay for a month. It will be good to get back in a favorite city - Although, we have both enjoyed Galveston.

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Darlene Catlett said...

These tree sculptures are fabulous! What a great idea.I love the sunshine, too.