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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photos from the winter of 2010-2011

I am trying to catch everyone up on what we did after leaving Pennsylvania after Thanksgiving. So fasten your seat belts as I take you on a brief overview of our winter! I just couldn't pick up a camera during November and December and take photos so.... Only one photo from that time... that of Homer getting his first bone out of the really BIG box of bones Sam and Ginger sent to him as his Christmas present.

These are some views of W&I Resort where we spent January and February in Mission, TX. Above are some beautiful poinsettias and below is our rented place.

A view at dusk of our street.

Above are two yellow-belied woodpeckers on our palm tree.

That is Denise and Doug above in front of the border fence by the Hildalgo Pump House Park. Below is the Border Patrol Boat cruising the Rio Grande River. Across the river is Mexico. The border is also patrolled by helicopter. You can see evidence of the flooding that took place during the summer of 2010 as they had to release so much water from Falcon Dam.

We took Denise to South Padre Island for a day trip. Above, we are driving on the beach in the foggy morning. After we ate a delicious lunch, we enjoyed the birds and wild life.

These green jays and altimira orioles are feasting on citrus at the National Birding Center at Bentsen Rio Grande State Park. Doug and I spent last winter volunteering here.

Below is the ruins of La Lomita Mission.

A few weeks after Denise visited us, our good friends from San Antonio drove down to visit with us in their Rio Grande Valley. We made the most of our time and showed them some of the sights.
At the Hildalgo Pump House.... Ruth and Gavino in front of the border fence. Below is Doug and Gavino with the old pumphouse in the background.

Doug spent January and February playing winter softball in the Seniors League. His team placed second or third I believe.

Below is Ruth and Gavino in front of the Killer Bee - the mascot of the minor league hockey team.

Homer had a ball every time we'd go to the dog park in McAllen. You can see how dry it was.

In mid-March we left the Rio Grande Valley and started heading north. We spent two weeks in San Antonio visiting with Denise, Ruth & Gavino, and our nephew, Sam, who lives in Austin. Then it was on to Red Bay, AL were we were going to have some work done on the motorhome.

First stop was Bay Diesel to have routine maintenance done. Then it was on to Custom RV where Brannon and his guys replaced the carpet in our motorhome. In the first picture, the bed has been removed and Brannon is working on the engine box.

Above is the mess in the kitchen area where they have put the mattress and sofa which have been removed from their places to replace the carpet. Below, the guys are putting the freshly covered bed platform back into its place.

Below is a view of the new carpet in the front. The driver and passenger seat have been removed to install the carpet. Brannon and his guys did a super job!

While staying in Red Bay we had many violent thunderstorms... several with tornado watches but the sirens never sounded while we were there. Two weeks after we left, tornadoes went through Alabama and wiped out several towns. It was discovered during our routine maintenance work that we had a leak in our exhaust manifold gasket so we went to Tupelo, MS to have that replaced. Praise God the head was not scored so the cost was just to replace the gasket!

After having our work done in Red Bay, we stopped and visited with our homeschool leaders in NE Alabama, Rusty and Phyllis Tate. It was a great time of fellowship and good food. Then it was on to Chattanooga, TN. We decided to stop on visit the Civil War Battlefield on top of Lookout Mountain.

Doug took the photo below at a Walmart in Stanton, VA. Later more motorhomes pulled in and I actually counted 19 parked for the night before it got too dark.

We stopped and visited Sam and Ginger in northern Virginia. We had fun playing with grand-nephew, Chase.

We also toured James Mason's home new Pohick Bay. He was he author of the Bil of Rights.

On another day we tour Majorie Merryweather Post's home in Georgetown and enjoyed the greenhouse full of orchids. Her home was full of priceless artifacts.

So that brings you to April of 2011..... Next post will take you through the late spring and summer of 2011.

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