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Sunday, August 21, 2011

8/21/2011 Helen Keller's Birthplace - Tuscumbia, AL

We gathered all the throw rugs, Homer stuff, and the bed items this afternoon and went looking for a laundromat with large washers. We ended up 40 miles away in Tuscumbia, Alabama! We certainly are in rural Alabama! While searching for a laundromat, we stumbled upon Helen Keller's birthplace. It was such a lovely setting, but unfortunately it was open today.

I love the small towns of Alabama. It is like going back in time how the towns were 60 years ago.
Above is the main street of Tuscumbia and below is the county courthouse. So quaint and beautiful.

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2ddc said...

Don't forget to get some photos of the man at the wheel.
We're looking forward to traveling the country via your camera and postings here.
Thanks for sharing your travels!