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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little remodels done to the MH back in April

One of our motorhome friends wanted to see the remodels we had Chris Berry do to our closet back in April when we were in Red Bay, Alabama at the Tiffin factory. Our main problem was the rod was sagging and Doug's size 12 shoes were too big for the ledge and would fall off. ;-( I didn't have any problem with my size 7 1/2 shoes. I didn't want to loose my ledge and he didn't want to keep his ledge. Chris did a simple, cheap fix which made both of us happy. ;-D
Chris put the shelf on my side higher than the carpeted ledge already there so I now have two levels to slide my shoes into plus the front area where my boots are. Our extra folding chairs sit on the upper ledge at the back of the closet (held there by bungee cords toward the top of the chair) along with a small bin with my serger thread. Downsizing to this few of shoes was a major feat for me when we went full time. Our son, when studying the history of the Philippines and the former dictator, Mrs. Marcos, said to one of his friends, "She couldn't possibly have as many shoes as my mom does!"

One of the main reasons for doing this was to give better support to the closet rod. Chris added this whole center support post at the center of the closet.

in the photo above and below, you can see the difference in the height of the ledge on my side of the closet and on Doug's side. He didn't want to use the carpeted ledge because it wasn't big enough for his shoes so Chris put his shoe shelf right on the carpeted ledge. This gives Doug enough space to hang is long pants (he is 6'1") straight - He does not like his slacks folded over on hangers. ;-(

I also had to include these last two photos in here showing how little things make me happy! We like to keep some reading material in the bathroom. We used to keep it in a little cardboard file box for magazines but it didn't look very nice. I had Chris Berry make this wooden holder so I don't have to worry about it falling on the floor while driving and it looks soooo much nicer.

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