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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hidalgo Lights

The city of Hidalgo goes all out on their Christmas light displays. The city workers put up lights much like the Sweet Lights back in Hershey PA only it is all free in Hidalgo! ;-)
We chose to have dinner on the veranda and take the trolley to view the lights in the town. Then we came back to City Hall and enjoyed a concert. We happened to hit one of the damp cool nights so we had to wear our polar fleece. The ladies above are the folks serving dinner. Each evening a different church cooks and serves the dinner as a fund raiser for the church.

After eating, we boarded the trolley as dusk was falling.
These first couple of photos are the area around city hall.

For the first time, they had reindeer in the Rio Grande Valley..... See, even the reindeer are getting smart and leaving the cold north to spend the winter in warm south Texas!

These are beautiful dragons from China. They are made of thousands of glass vials that are filled with the various colors of water.

Here are two close-ups of the glass vials.

Ramon Ayala is a three-time Grammy award winner. He and his family have homes right across from City Hall and are some of the main funding and driving force behind the Hidalgo Lights. My photos don't do it justice but the lights and decorations on all of their houses were just beautiful.

The lights on the wheels of his band's tractor trailer made it look as if the wheels were going round.

The concert the night we went was a boys choir from a town in Mexico.

One of the stops on the trolley tour were decorations at the park at Hidalgo Pump House on the Rio Grande. It was one of the pump houses for pumping irrigation water as far as 70 miles north of the river. It is part of the birding and butterfly center hence many of the decorations were birds and butterflies.

Mike Folmer, one of the shuttle commanders live here in McAllen, Texas and so they had this tribute to him.

Ahhhh...... A Killer Bee - the mascot of the hockey team.

Naturally, the camera lady (Nada) loved this home with the blue and white lights! Hmmmmm.... wonder if they are Penn State fans!

These are move of Ramon Ayala's family homes.....

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