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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goin' to Progresso, Mexico

We have had the beautiful weather these past few days that caused us to choose this location to spend this winter. Days in the low 80's and nights in the low 60's. Hopefully those cool wet days are behind us!

The night before last Doug broke a tooth while munching some popcorn. Soooooo today we crossed the border to Progresso to have some dental work done. We asked around with the Winter Texans (the term used here for the northern folks that come to stay here in the warm weather for the winter) to find a qualified dentist. We knew many go across the border to have their dental work done at a fraction of the cost but we didn't know where to go. Several folks gave us some glowing recommendations so off we headed this morning.

The view above is from the American side of the International Bridge. We park on the American side and walk across. We have shopped in Progresso before but today our purpose is different. Dental work is 1/4 the price in Progresso than it is in the US. Many dentists have offices on both sides of the border. It is basically a liability and money issue... They live in the US but have an office in Mexico. They are allowed to bring $500 cash per day into the US tax-free. So you can do the math – what that means in tax-free income per year.

I had to take the above photo of the welcome sign as we started walking across the International Bridge. On the Mexican side of the bridge their was a small army presence with several soldiers due to an incident about two weeks ago.

The photo below is what we termed the "dentist courtyard." These are all dentist offices.

The photo below is looking from the "dentist courtyard" toward the shops and street vendors. You can buy every imaginable item from medicine to movies on DVD that haven't been released yet to $2000 cowboy boots. I walked a few blocks down the street to see if anything had changed. There are still lots of street vendors, little kids offering pieces of candy and gum, people selling everything under the sun. I don't like to barter. Doug does that for me. ;-D So without my tall tuff-guy, I was just "looking" today. I prefer the John Wanamaker principle.... You probably know he was the first merchant to put price tags on his goods. Up until that time, each person got charged whatever the merchant guessed the buyer could afford. John Wanamaker didn't think that to be right and he priced his goods with a price tag which was the same for everyone.
We didn't do any shopping today but we will do some when Doug goes back two weeks to have the temporary crown changed to the permanent one. May you all have a Christmas filled with the love and joy of our risen Savior.... "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord" Luke 2:11

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