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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remodeling the cabinets

We decided to take the plunge and remodel the cabinets on the one side of our motorhome to make them more conducive to our lifestyle of fulltime motorhome and working on computers. We needed a place for two laptops and file drawers plus we did not like the fixed dining table which made it hard to entertain a meal for 4. So we contacted Chris Berry who used to work for Tiffin Motorhomes and now has his own woodworking shop. We met with Chris and told him what we wanted and he built it in 7 days! We are really please with the results! The above photo shows the dining hutch on the left with the computer table on the right.

This is a "before" photo of the dining hutch with the slide out table. We had removed all the chairs and contents of the cabinets in preparation for Chris bringing the new cabinets.

I put this photo in so if anyone wants to know what it looks like when the dining hutch is removed. The sub-woofer is still sitting on the carpet.

Jason, Chris' assistant and electrician is doing all the wiring in the new cabinets below the low windows. We never could figure out why Tiffin puts in the beautiful low windows and then blocked them with the high computer table.

Here is a view of the new computer cabinet without any drawers or doors.

That is Chris' top end putting the finishing touches on the computer cabinet!

This is Chris' bottom end! I couldn't seem to get a full view of him working!

Now this is a full finish view. We will replace the EuroLounger with a Lambright or Bradd & Hall leather recliner in the fall on our way west.

A close up view of the computer cabinet with space for the printer/scanner below the left laptop area, three file drawers, and 5 other drawers. We are now in organized heaven!

Homer loves the nice big space he has for his bed now that the old computer cabinet is gone. He also likes that he can just raise his head and see out the 2 low windows.

The view looking forward with our new drop leaf table. The table is big enough for Doug and I when the leaves are down and when the leaves are up, it makes a nice table for 4 and a tight table for 6. We just love the arrangement now as it is more home-like.

This is a view with the laptop desks slid out of the cabinet in the work mode. We just turn our dining chairs.

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