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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beeline to Red Bay, AL

We left San Antonio at 9 AM on Friday, the 27th planning to take two and half days to travel to Red Bay, AL. As we were driving, I was working online and checked the weather. Turns out they were predicting that 4-letter word, S-N-O-W, for Saturday night into Sunday. We made the decision to drive long and hard to get into Red Bay by afternoon on Saturday instead of our planned Sunday arrival. So Friday was a marathon drive for us. Left San Antonio at 9 AM and pulled into a WalMart in the middle of Mississippi at 9 PM. Only stops were for fuel and a quick lunch. We ate dinner after we had okayed our parking with the manager at Walmart then crawled into bed for some needed rest. It started raining during the night and north of us we knew there was a tornado watch and heavy rains.

On Saturday, we got underway early and continued north on I-55 toward Jackson, MS as we were singing the old Johnny Cash and June Carter song, Going to Jackson. Just north of Jackson, MS , we hopped onto the Nachez Trace Parkway (a National Park which spans 444 miles from just south of Nashville to Nachez, MS). It is a beautiful parkway, as you can see from these two photos. It traces the trade route used back in the early 1800's. As soon as we joined the Trace, we saw a white-tail deer and a mile or two later a whole flock of wild-turkeys. THEN I got my camera out and, guess what, no more sightings of any kind! So hence we only have photos of the road. Even my photos of the flooding from the 4 inches of rain they had the day before did not turn out.

We pulled into the Allegro Campground at the Tiffin Service Facility by 2:30 PM so our long drive on Friday paid off. We woke this morning to about an inch of snow on the ground but it was all melted away by noon. We have one more night of cold and then the temps should be back up to their normals in the 50's & 60's.

We're here to have some service work done on our motorhome and also some modifications to the cabinets on the interior. Tiffin Motorhomes are made in the very northwestern corner of Alabama in the tiny little town of Red Bay. There is a service center at the factory where work can be done. We love to experience Red Bay - But it is like stepping back in time. The people are so genuine, laid-back, and hospitable. The town is like towns were back in the 1950's. No chain stores, just ma and pa businesses. The southern drawls and terminology make me think we are in a foreign country!

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