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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quaker Steak & Lube in Nascar territory 4/7

We found an interesting restaurant - one which we had been in in Erie, PA several years ago. It is Quaker Steak & Lube and it is designed after Quaker State Motor Oil which is made in PA. The theme is obviously motor vehicles. It is quite fitting that it was just down the road from the NASCAR Lowes Motor Speedway in Concord, NC.

The restaurant looks like a garage and you actually eat at tables under large lifts that have various cars sitting on top. The walls are filled with all kinds of memorabilia and everything is functional. Our onion rings came stacked on a car antenna. I took several photos with my iPhone but due to the lack of interior lighting and lots of bright windows some of the photos don't look so great. You can click on the individual photos and see them larger.

We even spied a poster with a quote from our hometown newspaper. And for my brother, the corvette owner, I took a horrible photo of the red corvette we ate under. Also, for my brother, the retired Mobil exec, I took the photo of the old Mobil horse symbol which I remember seeing on Mobil stuff when you were in Portugal.

Doug had to have a photo for his friend Bill Milchek about "Old guys rule." Since I'm not an old guy, I don't know why that is important to these old guys!!! Bill, please notice that the poster also has a big fish on it!!! And that couple we talked about meeting in our entry on Red Bay, AL - boy, did he have fish stories of fishing in Alaska! He shipped home almost 200 lbs. of fish he caught! Like you, he liked to canoe and kayak. In fact, he had an alligator story from kayaking that river in Florida where we saw the alligators. He said when the alligators see a canoe or kayak coming in deep water, they dive deep and come up fast under the boat and flip the people out. So, according to him, the morale of the story is to kayak in shallow water where they can't get the speed under you to flip you!

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