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Friday, April 11, 2008

Alligators, turtles, and strawberry shortcake

Our friend, Kevin, from home kept asking us if we have seen any alligators yet so we set out to satisfy Kevin! We asked some locals where we could find a real live, wild, alligator. We got some looks asking that question since I guess that would be like asking a Pennsylvanian where do you go to see a ground hog, possum, or deer! Finally in frustration, I went to the concierge and asked. She directed us to a county park where the "river" was know to have lots of alligators. The "river" turned out to be narrower that the Swatara Creek back home but it did contain alligators and at least one was a REALLY BIG alligator. Honest, Kevin, it was. We know because we saw it as we drove in and parked but we were never able to get close enough to take a photo so poor Kevin will have to wait for the Rothgaber's gator!!! The park had this beautiful mile-long boardwalk path. I had visions of a big alligator jumping up on the boardwalk and snitching my Homer! Didn't happen, though. We did, however, see these three turtles sunning on a log which I had never seen something like this before. Unfortunately, I forgot to load Photoshop on the laptop before we left home so I can't zoom in very well to show them.

We also found we were camped in the middle of the Florida strawberry growing area AND it was strawberry season!!! Yipeeee! The locals told us to go to Parkesdale (between exits 19 and 17 off of I-4 east of Tampa and west of Orlando. Here is the link: http://www.parkesdale.com/strawberry_shortcake/strawberry_shortcake.htm
They had the best strawberry shortcake or strawberries over vanilla ice cream we have ever eaten (including my mom's homemade recipe for shortcake!) We went back several times that week. And cheap... It was only $2.50 for a soup bowl of shortcake or $2.50 for a banana boat of ice cream topped with strawberries. What a delicious find that place was!

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