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Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots of birds on our feeding run 2/15/10

Monday was our day to fill the feeders at the birding center. It was the first that I had been out of the house in a week – I've been sick with an upper respiratory cold virus. I managed to give it to Doug also ;-) Well, anyway, we kept our schedule of filling the feeders. After yesterday's temp of 80 degrees, today's temp of 64 felt cool and the birds were hungry. It also meant that very few people were at the park. So it gave us the opportunity to fill the feeders at each station and then sit and rest (due to our colds) and watch the birds come in to eat. The birds were abundant! Here are some colorful ones. We sure are going to miss these colorful guys when we go back north!

The Mockingbird is the state bird of Texas and we sure enjoy listening to there imitating calls. Back home we had a mockingbird we nicknamed "Scrappy" because he/she would even dive bomb the cats! Texas mockingbirds aren't any more mild mannered than Pennsylvania mockingbirds!

I am still trying to identify this little olive green bird. Anyone know what it is?

The Kiskadees waiting for the feeders to be filled.

This Golden Fronted Woodpecker has his whole head in the hold in the log where I just put a mixture of suet and peanut butter.

The Altamira Oriole is enjoying the citrus. They are a much bigger bird than the Baltimore Oriole.

Another Golden Fronted Woodpecker.

An Altamira waiting patiently.

The Green Jays are my all-time favorite bird. They are iridescent all over and their chartreuse coloring contrast so strikingly to the turquoise and black. They are like flying jewels.

An Altamira and Green Jay.

An Altamira eyeing the new piece of citrus.

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