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Monday, September 14, 2009

Traveling Through FLAT Western Kansas & Eastern Colorado

We stayed in western Kansas last night in Russell, Kansas. Our campground which was right along I-70 had a collection of oil drilling items which you can see in the first three photos. We never knew that Kansas had so many oil wells. We also saw several windmill farms in western Kansas although no where near the number of windmills as west Texas.

Heading west on I-70. The road just stretched as far as the eye could see. No trees except for those planted around the houses. All you could see were oil derricks, telephone poles, and irrigation booms.

The following photo is the Cathedral of the Plains built in Victoria, Kansas in 1908 and fashioned after the cathedrals in Europe. It is not a cathedral in the true sense because it is not the seat of a bishop, but it received its nickname from William Jennings Bryan when he visited St. Fidelis in 1912.

Above, Doug is driving past one of the thousands of oil derricks we saw.

We stop every two hours for a break and a short walk for us and Homer. This stop was about an hour before we stopped for the night in Seibert, Colorado. We are just 40 miles into Colorado and this little town doesn't even have a restaurant! The town is 3 blocks by 4 blocks and the streets are all dirt. Very little rain in this area as it is in the rain shadow of the Rockies. We are going to stay here 3 nights before moving on to Colorado Springs. Need to get caught up on the laundry, do some house cleaning, and I (Nada) must do some speaker preparations for the conferences that start on Sunday. We are also trying to acclimate to the rising altitude since last fall we really suffered with altitude sickness. So we are now at just over 4,000 feet, an increase from 800 feet in St. Louis just a day and a half ago. Colorado Springs is just over 6,000 feet. We'll head there on Tursday.

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