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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Skyline Drive & the bat

Well, we have a new one for us..... We broke camp this morning after being parked for a little over a month. We are taking Doug's 84 year old mom on a short trip with us. We were no sooner underway and she said there is a bird in the motorhome. We have to admit that we first thought that she might have lost some of her marbles but we were soon proved that it was true once I (Nada) saw it flying around back in the bedroom, too. And, yes, at that point, Doug was ready to say both his mom and his wife had lost their marbles! Plus I endured all kinds of funny comments about bringing my relatives along on our trip since my maiden name was "Burd." We pulled off the interstate at the next exit at a truck stop and sent the fearless male to the rear of the coach to catch the bird or shoosh it out the open front door. He could not find a bird anywhere. He looked on top of the slides and under the bed - nothing. He slide the pocket door closed and we examined the bath and front areas. Nothing. He opened the bedroom pocket door and there it was flying around in the dark. We then realized it was a bat not a bird! Hmmnnn.... how do we get a bat out because unlike a bird, they won't fly toward the light of an open door. So we closed all of our MCD shades up front to make it dark up there, then turned on all the lights in the bedroom. The bat flew forward to the darkness. We walked forward holding a large blanket as high as we could. We think he flew out of the open door since we can find him anywhere up front and he hasn't taken a flight to the dark rear of the coach. Of course tonight will be the real test! We think the bat must have been taking a nap on one of the motorhome's slides and when we brought it in, he joined our travel plans.

We arrived at Bull Run and got our camp set up. On Sunday, we drove west to Front Royal, VA and started down the the Skyline Drive. The following are photos of Doug, Oma, and Homer at some of the stops we made. Unfortunately is was a very humid day so we could not see very far and the bugs were eating us alive at each stop!

Unfortunately the humidity didn't allow us to see very far, but the views were still beautiful. Reminded us of the Smokey Mountains in TN.

This photo of moss growning on the cedar shake roof is dedicated to Miriam Eagleson who has encouraged me to expand my photography to more than just a record of where I've been. Thanks Miriam!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch with a beautiful view out the big glass windows.

Big Meadows. High on Skyline Drive. Brought back memories of my dad who had entertained us with many stories of his army unit camping here in the winter before shipping overseas.

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