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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A day at Padre Island National Seashore

Yesterday we drove down Mustang Island and on down North Padre Island. I thought you might enjoy some Texas warmth sent your way. Not bragging, just thought I might cheer up your cold winter day for you! These photos are from the Padre Island National Seashore taken late yesterday afternoon on our jaunt. The National Seashore area is about 15 miles south of where we are staying in Port Aransas. Just like all of Padre Island, the beach is quite desolate. You can drive on the beach for miles and miles. In fact, beaches in Texas are considered roads. Only place you can't drive is on the swimming beaches. In the fourth photo, we are heading back to the Lexus. We had fun digging (Homer) and playing in the sand. In most places here you can drive on the beach. If fact, from the Visitor's Center south the only "road" is the beach for 50 miles going south (It is recommended for only 4-wheel drives on that section). Here on the north beach the sand is just hard packed and flat.

As we were driving, one of the dry campers was walking his dogs, three German Shepherds. Those dogs knew that Homer was in our vehicle as they caught his scent with their noses in the air.

We discovered a small campground (no services except toilets) on the bay side of the island where you could park right at the water-edge at high tide. All the motorhomes parked there had their generators running or had solar panels on the roof. They were all wind surfers. The one photo shows a few of the motorhomes lined up along the water's edge. Another photo shows the last wind surfer on the Laguna Madre - the water between the barrier islands and the actual coast. It is an intercoastal water way that stretches the length of Texas' coast line. Here in the Laguna Madre is a favorite spot for wind surfers. This was the last guy out today as the sun was setting he was heading in toward us to quit. There are also photos of wildlife we saw: a group of white pelicans, a Great Blue Heron looking for dinner, and a deer.

The last photo is of a beautiful sunset over the Laguna Madre. The tide is out or the water would be up to our feet.

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