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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 2008 - South Dakota

We spent several days in the Black Hills outside Rapid City, SD. Part of the time was fun and part was taking care of details. We first took care of the details: declared our residency there, got our SD licenses, and voted early in the Presidential election. Then we had some fun. We visited Mt. Rushmore again... This time we stayed until after dark and were thrilled with the view. I always loved the daytime photo Miriam Eagleson took of Washington's profile when we all visited this area back in 2002. This visit, I was able to get the same view at night.

Our plan was to spend a few days in Rapid City and then keep heading west from Rapid City and visit some of the other places (Devils Tower, Yellowstone, Tetons, and Utah) we had visited in 2002, but God had a different plan in mind. The weather report was for S N O W – a four-letter word in our vocabulary. They were calling for over a foot of snow through out Wyoming and Utah so we changed our plans. We left Rapid City and headed south.

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