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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas on the Riverwalk

On Friday, we settled into a beautiful resort on the west side of San Antonio called the Admiralty RV Resort. The spaces are close together and little tighter than we would like but the people are friendly and the grounds are immaculate. The resort was recently bought by Sea World and is just up the road from Sea World. We will stay here until January 12th.

On Saturday, our first order of business was to drive in to the Market Place to eat lunch at Mi Tierra - We have such fond memories of this restaurant from when we were here in November of 2007 and the chicken tortilla soup we discovered to our liking. On that previous trip, we had flown to San Antonio because Doug was doing a Penn State Conference at the Westin Hotel on the Riverwalk. Both of us had been recovering from bad colds leading up to the trip so upon arrival, we were not in the mood for spicy Mexican food. Our native-Texan friend, Rick Denney, had given us the run-down on possible restaurants in San Antonio prior to our trip so we had headed to Mi Tierra's (http://www.mitierracafe.com/about_history.html#) for some chicken tortilla soup. So our first order of business was to see if the chicken tortilla soup was as good as we remembered and to also purchase a supply of their delicious bakery items! The soup is still delicious!

We're going to be doing some volunteer work for the FEAST ministry here in San Antonio while we are here for this month. Yesterday we attended church with our friends Ruth and Gavino and then we all went to dinner at La Fonda on Main (http://www.lafondaonmain.com). Since we forgot to take a photo of us, I had to take a screen shot from their website. The setting was beautiful and the food delicious! We marked it on our GPS in the car so we can return there Last night it was 80 degrees so we decided it would be a good night to go down to the Riverwalk and see the Christmas lights so that is what the remainder of the photos are. For those that don't know about the San Antonio Riverwalk, it is beautiful. The river flows through the downtown city and is below the city's street level. So, when you are down on the riverwalk, you do not hear the city traffic and noises. It is a lush oasis within the city. There are walkways along both sides and hotels, restaurants, and shops line the sides. Barges take you on a tour of the circle the river makes. At Christmas time, there are thousands of lights, they put out thousands of the the luminaria candles in the paper bags, and there are barges of singing carolers who travel around the river loop. As you can see, it was quite crowded last night.

The last photo is of the Alamo and the lights - Unfortunately, we couldn't stop to take the photo and my camera would not freeze our movement. I included it because I thought it was a unique photo with the blurred lights.

Hope you have a merry Christmas!

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